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1st Sunday09:30Sung
Last Sunday17:30Sung
Every Sunday10:00
Every Monday18:30
Every Sunday10:30Sung
Every Sunday18:00Low
Holy days of obligation10:30Sung
Holy days of obligation18:00Low
Every Saturday12:00
Every Sunday10:00
Every Sunday08:00
Holy days of obligation08:00
Occasional Wednesdays
Every Sunday08:00Sung
Holy days of obligation08:00Sung
Every Sunday10:00Sung
Every Sunday09:30Sung
Every Monday19:00Low
Every Tuesday19:00Low
Every Wednesday19:00Low
Every Thursday19:00Low
Every Friday19:00Low
Every Saturday09:00Low
Every Sunday17:00
Every Sunday10:45Sung
Holy days of obligation10:45Sung
Every Sunday09:30Sung
Every Sunday