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Iglesia del Salvador

Castilla-La Mancha
Sunday10:00 amSolemn Mass
Holy days10:00 amSolemn Mass
Monday8:45 amLow Mass
Tuesday8:45 amLow Mass
Wednesday8:45 amLow Mass
Thursday8:45 amLow Mass
Friday8:45 amLow Mass
Saturday8:45 amLow Mass

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Paz

Institutum Christi Regis Summi Sacerdotis Madrid
Sunday10:45 amSung Mass
Sunday12:00 pmSung Mass
Sunday8:00 pmLow Mass
Holy days10:45 amSung Mass
Holy days12:00 pmSung Mass
Holy days8:00 pmLow Mass
Monday to Saturday12:00 pmLow Mass
Monday to Saturday6:00 pmLow Mass
Monday to Saturday8:00 pmLow Mass
Thursday8:45 pmHoly Hour
1st Friday8:45 pmHoly Hour
Sunday10:30 amSung Mass
Holy days10:30 amSung Mass
Monday7:00 amLow Mass
Tuesday7:00 amLow Mass
Wednesday7:00 amLow Mass
Thursday7:00 amLow Mass
Friday7:00 amLow Mass
Saturday7:00 amLow Mass

Oratorio de San Felipe Neri

Institutum Christi Regis Summi Sacerdotis Cádiz
Sunday12:00 pmLow/Sung Mass
Sunday11:30 amConfessions