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Sunday11:00 amMass
Monday10:00 amMass
Tuesday10:00 amMass
Wednesday10:00 amMass
Thursday10:00 amMass
Friday10:00 amMass
Saturday10:00 amMass

St Agnes Church

Fraternity of Saint Peter North Holland
Sunday11:00 amSung/Solemn Mass
Tuesday11:00 amLow Mass
Wednesday11:00 amLow Mass
Thursday11:00 amLow Mass
Friday11:00 amLow Mass
Saturday11:00 amLow Mass
Monday7:30 amLow Mass
Tuesday7:30 amLow Mass
Thursday7:30 amLow Mass
Friday7:30 amLow Mass
Saturday7:30 amLow Mass

St. Jacobus de Meerdere

Fraternity of Saint Peter South Holland
2nd Saturday10:30 amSung Mass
Sunday10:15 amSung Mass