Dear friends,

We’re happy to announce that maps were restored to the Directory yesterday (August 18, 2022).

Our sincerest thanks to all those who donated to support this work. This feature has increased both our monthly expenditure and volunteer time requirements. If you are enjoying the addition of maps, please consider supporting our work.

Trouble viewing the map?

Restoring this feature involved a significant change to the site’s code base. As a result, you may need to clear your web browser’s cache (opens in a new tab) to see the changes and full functionality.

Future map and filtering features

The next feature we plan to add to the Directory is full world searching. Currently searches are performed within country boundaries. We plan to allow for searches based solely on radius, this will allow results to appear from multiple countries when radii cross borders.

For filtered searches, we also plan to add multiple options. This will mean users can search not only by Sunday, for example, but Sunday and Monday, or Sunday Monday and Tuesday.