Day Time Service
Every Monday 07:00 Mass
Every Tuesday 07:00 Mass
Every Wednesday 06:30 MassMass is at 7:00 AM instead of 6:30 AM on the second Wednesday of the month.
2nd Wednesday 07:00 Mass7:00 AM on the second Wednesday of the month; 6:30 AM on other Wednesdays
Every Thursday 07:00 Mass
Every Friday 07:00 Mass
Every Saturday 08:00 Mass
Every Sunday 08:00 Mass


Latin Mass exclusive
Only the Traditional Latin Mass is offered at this venue. The new rite of Mass is not offered here.
Lincoln, United States

Additional information

The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is a monastery of cloistered Carmelite Sisters in Valparaiso NE, near Agnew NE, in a rural community. Masses are celebrated in the Extraordinary Form by FSSP and Diocesan Priests. Visitors are welcome at Mass.


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