Day Time Service
Every Sunday 07:45 Low Massnot in July and August
Every Sunday 08:45 Low Mass
Every Sunday 10:00 Sung Mass
Every Sunday 11:45 Sung Mass
Occasional Sundays 14:30 MassMass of Scouts
Occasional Sundays 18:00 Vespers and BenedictionDuring Advent and Lent
Every Sunday 18:30 Confessions
Every Sunday 19:15 Low Mass
Every Monday 18:30 Confessions
Every Monday 19:15 Low Mass
Every Tuesday 09:15 Low Mass
Every Tuesday 18:30 Confessions
Every Tuesday 19:15 Low Mass
Every Wednesday 07:15 Low Mass
Every Wednesday 09:15 Low Mass
Every Wednesday 18:30 Confessions
Every Wednesday 19:15 Low Mass
Every Thursday 09:15 Low Mass
Every Thursday 18:30 Confessions
Every Thursday 19:15 Low Mass
Every Friday 09:15 Low Mass
Every Friday 18:30 Confessions
Every Friday 19:15 Low MassFollowed by sung Compline
Every Saturday 09:15 Low Mass
Every Saturday Confessions
Every Saturday 11:00 Low Mass


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Latin Mass exclusive
Only the Traditional Latin Mass is offered at this venue. The new rite of Mass is not offered here.
Versailles, France

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