Day Time Service Note
Every Sunday 08:00 Low MassAnother low mass is at 12:30 pm every Sunday Another low mass is at 12:30 pm every Sunday
Every Sunday 10:00 Sung Mass
Monday to Friday 08:00 Low MassEvery Monday to Thursday (not on Fridays) Every Monday to Thursday (not on Fridays)
Monday to Friday 12:00 Low MassSung Mass on First Fridays. Sung Mass on First Fridays.
Every Thursday 07:30 Holy Hour
Every Saturday 09:00 Low MassHoly hour and confession Holy hour and confession
Every Sunday 12:30 Low Mass


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The liturgy is celebrated exclusively according to the 1962 (or earlier) liturgical books at this venue.
Montreal, Canada

Additional information

The church is opened 30 minutes to an hour before Mass. Confessions are heard before and after Mass, if asked. Sermons are usually bilingual (i.e. French and English).


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